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Thanks (((Liz))) for the supportive post. I am feeling lonely and unmotivated and it’s maybe because I haven’t been sleeping well for many nights. I’m back to my healthy eating but otherwise am a slug on my computer most of the day, and in the evening it’s the TV. There’s so much I could and should be doing in my suite. I stay in my pjs till evening and then have a bath and then put on clean pjs. I need to get out of this very lazy phase, and securing a job would force me to. Is your daughter planning to move to your town in the future, so that you won’t have as many city commutes to access your grandson? Wish I was there today weeding in your yard. I never thought I would miss weeding as there was always so much of it to do where I lived before. It is difficult to move on when you still love someone. The good thing is that I’m in charge of when and if I see Danny. I did tell my daughter that I would come up and babysit my two littlest granddaughters so that she and her husband could get away for a few days and go skiing together. She seemed to really like that idea so I’m expecting to go back to the country in the near future. Carole