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Well on friday realtor said lender and the insurer have agreed to allow the mortgage to be approved,so we went ahead with the house inspection,it went well ,they sent report off friday night,so monday or tues we will hear their final descision,but looks very promising on friday.
And sister moved out ,she hasnt been here for over a month she has been staying with her ex for transportation reasons.
So she decided it was okat to short me on the rent,again,hmmm she said hears the hundred i owe you and half the rent ,huh im thinking you still owe me 225. from monnths ago but i never said a word,
When she was leaving she asked are you okay with that i said not really makes me short now ,and i will have to borrow and now i have a debt ,your gambling trips just became my gambling debt ,funny how that works hey.
She says dont get upset i have it i will bring it to you tomorrow but right now i have to get my pedicure done ,WTF that hurt,she smiles and walked away and yup you guessed it she never came,
So told son he said thats okay ,and you know what we are now so close to being addictions free in this house now.No more stress every months end with her and her son fighting over money.That always upset me.
No more 12 hour days of watching real life murder shows ,that was probably the worst part of her living here.My tv has been off all but maybe 2 hours since she left.
I will miss her cleaning omg was so nice to come home and it was all done.
She is heading for a huge financial fall real soon ,her and her ex gamble alot.but both are in a kinda i think i can still lie my way out of what is really happening.But they cant fool a gambler nor my kids. I know there going to get worse before better.I just hope neither ask to borrow money over the amount of 20 dollars i WILL not fund there casino trips.
If we get thouse we will be living 2 blocks away from each other lol but no key will be shared.
Will be hard some up comming days im sure as i used to confide to her as she knew all my secrets,all of them.
Changes iam never comfy with,but as look at the empty space beside me where she used to sit ,im okay with that.
Thanks for listening ,still crossing fingers for my kids ,night