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Very kind of you to post on my thread.
Depression is terribly difficult to live with and when we use gambling to escape from the depression all it does is make it worse, it’s taken me long enough t realise temporary measures like gambling are not a long term solution, gambling kills your very core an aftermath I can not endure any more. Some days my anxiety is so bad my legs won’t even move it’s like I have forgotten how to put one foot in front of the other, so consumed by anxiety, all the time I was gambling it eased it (temporarily) however, the situation that I now have to live with, (the consequences) intensify anxiety, it takes courage to face up to the consequences of my self medication, anxiety is based on fear I think and hopefully as I get more courageous the fear will lessen hence the anxiety will be arrested. Well in theory, but I have a long way to go yet, what’s that saying every journey begins with a single step.
This will be with me for the rest of my life, yes I will always be a CG, but I don’t have to live that life of torment in action I refuse.