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Thanks Micky 😉 But what does STAR stand for ? brain dead here.

Today has passed no gambling. Not that hard to resist as I still have not been paid from a company who owes me a fair few $$$. Maybe thats a good thing. I dunno. But hope to god they wire tomorrow as I promised my landlord rent. Ironic if I dont pay due to an issue not related to gambling. Who would believe it huh….

Tbh I am not that phazed. I dont plan on being in this place long. The area sucks, the flat is sterile it works but I have never felt like it is home. In fact never really found a true home since the end of the marriage. That feels weary. I gamble many times due to lonliness. This is one thing I have worked out … its not the only reason but “one” of them. I miss the gambling for sure. The escape of it all. I know I cant do it and have to keep pushing forward. But it takes so much energy.

I really can not wait to board a flight and get the hell out of here. Xmas in Denmark and then I think I will be off for good. I have few possesions. Going to travel light. My Labtop, a decent smart phone and tablet. A few clothes and im away. Rest of the junk I own I will either sell or give away.

My business plan can be implemented in any part of the modern or not so modern world. So long as I have a net connection. Lucky I can I think earn on the go to a certain degree. But to stay here in this place where I am now ? I know I would return to gambling to drinking in excess and would never have my restart. Fuuukkk to have a friend in the real world would be something. What have I done !!!!!!!