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Thanks Monique ;0) My life before gambling was a hard one. I believe that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Life has taught me this, time and time again. Even gambling had a reason to come into my life, as crazy as it sounds. Before I got started, it took an act of congress to get me to go. After my first big win, that was it for almost 8 years.
Before gambling, I had been living in a violent relationship. He almost killed me several times before I finally gave up. He is also the one who got me into gambling. When he went to prison for almost killing me the last time, I divorced him while there. I stayed single for 4 years and spent alot of that time at the casinos. I just wanted away from everything. I had two teenaged boys from a previous relationship that I had to finish raising who went between myself and their father who lived down the street. I worked for myself and every spare penny went to the casinos. Sometimes money I really needed too. BUT… One day I ran into an old friend whom I am sure I would never have found, had I not been in the casino. We hooked up and he has been a blessing in my life. He takes good care of me and I don’t have to worry about much. We rarely argue and he has never hit me. I didn’t even know a relationship could be this good. He has a great job at a mine and makes pretty good money. Were buying a little old house in a small mining town and life is good, but it could be so much better… But he too has a gambling it’s not really funny, just ironically funny. Because of the gambling, we find ourselves struggling at times to pay the bills. It’s rediculous! We both know and readily admit we have a gambling problem and we both are trying to quit. I am outspoken and socialable and he is shy and is an introspect. So here I am, trying to work my end of it out. I think he has a stronger will than I, though because a while back he quit for 6 months. I went twice during that time. Then we started up again. We had been going strong for several years when about 6 months ago, he became to ill to work and went on disability pay. With too much time on our hands and way less money, boredom and desperation set in and we went on a binge from h-e-double-l! We just about lost everything and are at this moment recovering. He went back to work three weeks ago and together we have decided enough is enough. I just hope and pray this will be it because we make enough money together to have a decent, happy life. Our house payment is very small and we now own our old cars, after giving up our new truck. So if we can stay away from that evil place, we can be comfortable and stable. Today is the 4th day and still no gambling! #Nevergiveup #Lightattheendofthetunnel