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Thanks Monique for your post! I do push myself too far. I haven’t found my balance yet. I am going to start meditating again in the mornings after I wake up. I need to find my spiritual self too! I lost it somewhere along my journey. I am opened to finding a friend or friends here. I was closed off till recently but I think I am ready now. I went to the grocery store this morning and helped a elderly woman locate the mayo. We talked a bit and she was behind me in line to check out. She told me that she was glad to meet me and that I was her little blessing today. How sweet! I think between my Husband’s death, my youngest Daughter’s drug addiction and my Mom’s health issue, I have become overwhelmed and have anxiety issues. It is hard for me to relax even when I go to bed at night. I feel like little pieces of me have died. I am going to concentrate more on myself and get in tune with my needs, both physically and spiritually. I’m trying!