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Yes, I have been dealing with the depression for years, and as you say sometimes better than others in fact I think I have probably had it since childhood things that happened then. I guess they do tend to have an impact on your future life. I was thinking yesterday about this cupboard that I had in my bedroom as a child, it was high up and was kind of my toy cupboard and junk cupboard, I used to go inside it and sit in there for hours, not being able to move for any movement would make a noise due to all the rubbish in there, it would be complete darkness and no one would know I was there, what kind of normal kid hides in a cupboard for hours, I think my gambling was my adult cupboard so stopping gambling for me has take my cupboard away.
The last few days I have had terrible cravings at first it felt like for something sweet, so I got a load of sweets, but when I had eaten them the craving ‘missing’ feeling was still there, then I ate some crackers and cheese, so its not a physical hunger then as it was and is still there. I have never felt this before, its not like am craving gambling at least not consciously, I don’t even know what it is but it is not at all a good feeling, hopefully it will lessen or I will at least find the key to what it is, but it’s not sweets! not Crackers! even if I am slightly crackers….
No news, really why would I am not doing anything. That will do for now.