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Thanks P for the post. Going to work out tomorrow morning as I couldn’t this morning. I had my nails done and went and had my flu shot. I went by the new Doctor’s office and picked up the papers I needed to fill out. I will take them back tomorrow. I had to call another landscaper out as the other one is busy and won’t be able to get to me for awhile. He is supposed to come and give me a quote this afternoon. That’s what happens when you live in a small town. A lot of businesses don’t make it too long and the choices of businesses are smaller. The yard work isn’t going anywhere but I would like to have it done before I leave for the city next Wednesday. Otherwise everything here is fine!! I am enjoying the beautiful weather. I think that winter is coming as I had to wear a sweater all day and last night I had to wear warmer pj’s. I haven’t heard from my youngest Daughter for a few days as her boyfriend just got released from jail. She is very codependent on men and doesn’t go very long without one. I will try to call her today. Take care everyone.