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Thanks (((P))) for your kind post. I don’t know that Danny understands that cgs can’t stop after that first bet. I remember being in a casino with Danny and winning $400 with my first spin and him saying let’s go now. I looked at him in disbelief and told him that I hadn’t had a chance to play so I wasn’t leaving. Non-cgs don’t understand the urges/cravings to see those wheels spin. I had planned to go to town yesterday but decided not to go as it soon would start to get dark. I spent three hours on GT support group and by the time I leisurely did my cleaning, the daylight had pretty much gone. My renter Claudia is going to be giving me $250 cash plus I’m expecting a cheque in the mail so I want to put that safely in the bank today. I will be bringing my calendar with green xs with me, in case a sneaky urge/thought comes up when I’m in town. That will I can stop and think about whether I want a black x on my calendar and want all the bad feelings that come with gambling. A girl’s got to do what a girl has to do. Carole