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Thanks P for your post! Your posts seem to comfort me. I will get counselling. Thank you for the praise you give me. It is hard for me to give myself praise, maybe because of low self esteem. My Daughter and Grandson are coming up for the weekend. We are going to barbeque, take out the Polaris (off road vehicle) and go to a arts and crafts festival in a town about 20 miles north of here. My Grandson is going to spend 1 month with me. His Dad is having to work out of town because the construction company he works for has no jobs right now in the city. My Daughter is very busy at work right know and feels like my Grandson needs more attention. We will have a awesome time! I took my Mom and her dog to the vet today as it was time for his checkup and yearly shots. She did tell me thank you. I just have to accept her for who she is but try not to get caught up in her bad behavior, if that makes sense. I will be okay. I will work through my issues and maybe learn something along the way.