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Thanks P for your post! I am trying to give myself some “me” time everyday. I come to my home for about 1-2 hours after Mom has had breakfast and her morning pills. Today while I was gone, she decided to clean up the dog poo in her side yard. Fortunately the next door neighbor stopped her. She said she was going to stop anyway as she couldn’t do it! I am taking her to her follow up cardiologist appointment tomorrow morning. She has been very thankful and grateful towards me. I have been giving her plenty of hugs as I know it must be hard not to be able to do much. She usually has a lot of energy and is always doing something around her home. My yard/handyman has resumed painting my backyard fence and it looks amazing. He should be done with the outside of the fence by this Thursday. The inside can wait till I come back from California. He is doing my yard tomorrow also. I have asked him to do my Mom’s yard next week. She usually does her own. I am looking forward to Friday as my cousin will be here to stay with Mom and my Daughter and Grandson will arrive for our trip. I am making sure to get plenty of sleep, eating healthy. A week away will do me some good!!