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Thanks P for your post! OMG, today was a hard day. My Daughter and her business partner are calling it quits already and the shop hasn’t even opened. They are not agreeing on anything and the stress and tension has been mounting. The business partner has been shady in some of the things she has been doing and my Daughter wants out. So, her partner is buying her out. She is getting out of the lease (building), but it will take some time for her partner to repay her. What a mess! The sad part is that a friendship is over. My Daughter was feeling relieved today and less stressed about the situation. Better now than down the road when more money and time has been invested. Now my Daughter and Grandson aren’t moving here. But I am staying here as this is now my new home and I am comfortable here. I am only 1 1/2 hours from them. I will still go to the city for 2 days every week to help with my Grandson till school is out. On a happy note, it is snowing here. I love it!! My Grandson, Daughter, and I put up the Christmas tree and decorations today before they went home. We are celebrating Christmas here for my Grandson next Sunday as he is leaving on the 19th for Hawaii. Oh, I went to a estate sale the other day. I was coming home from Walmart and spotted the sign and went to check it out. I spent $18 and bought a cool serving bowl, and a old chair for my bedroom. I was thrilled with my finds. I plan on doing some Christmas shopping tomorrow if the weather permits. I hope everyone had a great gamble free day!!