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Yes, I do need to remind myself of the consequences of gambling. I feel it keeps it real and myself grounded.
Am I still having urges? Yep! Every so often. The same triggers, stress and shortage of money. I’m working on both. I’m riding out the urges more easily though than in the past.
My life is like most of yours: not where I want it and dealing with life problems but that is life! But it’s a lot more enjoyable and manageable without the gambling.
I had a big disappointment yesterday and I was really angry with my friend. She drove over my lamp post. Her Husband fixed it (shotty) but it should have been replaced. The globe she ordered was too small. She didn’t measure it right. So she gave me money to order a new one. I had to custom order it and it cost more than what she gave me. I sent her a email with a copy of the invoice. Her reply was, I hope it works for you! Wow!!!! So, today I am through being upset at her but I’m a bit hurt. If I was in her place, I would have made sure the post was restored to its original state. Oh well!
Sleep issues again last night but we did go to sleep a few hours earlier. I’m going to wake her soon. Then maybe she will nap at a decent hour.