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I posted a response set and promptly lost it. Yes, I love books too, always have. When I saw my mum last weekend she reminded that pre school she used to take me to the nurses home where she worked as a hospital domestic and one of the matrons saw me reading a book sitting on the stairs and asked me if I could read. And I could pre infants at 4.
Well, lovely day yesterday following a difficult week with both my sons, Kai with his gambling debt and Ben I found crying in his room earlier in the week. He has girlfriend problems but also overextended himself on a massive loan and now with the reduced wage, can’t pay it. Went to stepchange and they recommended an IVA. He told a fib about his rent cos he doesn’t pay anything but Pays a lot of maintenance towards his children. I am not sure how I feel about that. Puts the kybosh on home owning. I suggested he thinks long and hard about it, but 550 a month on a high interest loan not doable. Don’t know what he was thinking when he did that.
But my day yesterday was really nice. Went to the beauty salon and had eyelash extensions put on and they looked quite nice. Then went walking round Covent Garden which was very very busy. All the posh shops, Dior, Chanel, now I would not shop in those, beyond my reach… lots of circus acts and living statues entertaining the crowds. I went to Charlotte tilbury for my makeover. I don’t wear makeup so asked for something very light and bronzed and in half an hour, perfecto. They greet you with a glass of prosecco, much better than going to Mac. I felt great and then went to meet pete for a drink, who didn’t notice at first, just said, you look well. I thought I would experiment and say that I had seen someone I liked (actually I have but don’t know him at all, so he could be married with ten kids for all I know). He knew the chap I was talking about by sight and said initially, don’t shit on your own doorstep, charming… and then later on the walk home, said I feel quite uncomfortable at the thought of you with someone else. And it is just a thought at this stage, nothing concrete there at all. So, doesn’t want to be with me but does t want me to be with anyone else either. I suspect I feel the same way about him. How weird is that, but I guess a common phenomena. Well, all in all a lovely day, on a very warm summers day, after a somewhat difficult week both at work and with my sons.
Oh, and my diet still working, all normal, I ate in wagamamas for the first time yesterday, just a bit of fish, miso broth and ramen. That is now two weeks all normal, although I had two glasses of wine last night and I still baulk when I swallow it, so I guess I have to maybe stick to prosecco if I have a drink as seems very light on the tum.