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I cant say that I’m stuck, I’m just feeling no real drive to do anything that really just involves me. Lose weight, meet someone new, take courses; nothing is sparking any interest in my brain. I dont know if it’s the gambling that has numbed my brain  or if I have just had enough of the ups and downs of relationships that I just  wont take the emotional turmoil anymore. I have done nothing to further my single status since the kicking out of my ex two years ago. We were together 7 years and they were not happy ones. I’m not good in relationships and have trouble keeping interested in being In a couple for very long. I’ve had intermittent periods of single status and remember them being the most productive times of my life. I am not ready and am not getting any younger, but this fact still doesnt move me at all. What if i wait too long? Is this why i gamble? Am i not facing the fact that i should be alone because that is what truly makes me happy? So many things to ponder. I will think about CAMH. You keep doing what  makes it work for you. I’ve heard that CAMH is fantastic but dont feel ready to take that road as of yet. There are things inside that I dont really want uncorked at this juncture of my life, as gambling may be a better option than dealing with all that. Thanks for the support.