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Sorry I havent posted much to others threads or done a group lately but I do read them all. Woke at 4am this morning.
Didn’t feel like doing much today but I did speak to the spiritual healer about the business opportunity. I studied this over the weekend and read up on it. She was very abrupt on the phone. AgainI was surprised how a spiritual person could get involved with a Ponzi scheme where the leader in the US had been convicted of racketeering in the US and ordered by the courts to refund 300,000. Of course she did t want to listen to my view, just if I wanted to hand over 1500 quid for nothing. Crazy, prosperity for life if anyone comes across it. Claims to be in the Wealth creation business but it is so unethical, it is untrue. Despite her not wanting to listen to my view I emailed her with it saying I respect her spirituality and work as a healer but How the hell did she get Involved in a racket that simply exploited people.
More later…
I texted my sister and thank the Lord for answering my prayer in that they have found a privately rented, apparently quite nice flat In Rothwell. They can’t take the cats though who all have to be rehomed. They had a massive garden and wide expanses of countryside to roam in. It is a big change for all but I am glad they have a decent place to move to. My sister is still all over the place with the move.