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so pleased and thankful for your feed back. Thanks so much Vera,Micky,Sad and Ican..
I slept for a total of 12 hrs and woke up to the realization that I am truly blessed and need to realize this every day from here on in.
Vera, I have tested the limits, and I’m amazed at how this man of mine is so willing to love me and support me. I can’t allow this addiction to test these limits ever again. I think I have set it up to not fail again. The biggest struggle I would have was on thursday nights once I had finished my shift at work. So my hubby has set his alarm to go off every thursday night at 1030 pm to come to pick me up and make sure I get myself home. He will sleep early in the evening so he won’t feel sleep deprived for work the following day. An amazing man and a good plan.
Micky thanks!! I take what you said to use Know instead of hopefully. I do know I can never gamble again. I do know I have a wonderfully supportive partner, willing to do what ever he can do to help me with this massive problem of mine. I do know I’m loved. I do know I must quit gambling. I do know that I did not gamble today.
Sad, we didn’t discuss banning yet, I have given it some thought after reading your post and I do think I should. I will wait it out until the xmas break when my hubby can go together during the work week when the key people are available. Until then I will rely on myself and my husband to keep me out of the casino. I am going to see my doctor next month to start 3 sessions of hypnosis and along with the on line sessions I will have this addiction over and done with.
Ican, I can’t have thursday nights with my hubby because I work nights and he works days. But we will have more date nights on the weekends for sure.
I need to be grateful for the good life I have and stop taking chances that could result in loosing everything worth having. That will be my focus from this moment on.
Tonight was a lot of fun . We watched my daughter singing in a band and along with friends we had a blast. My hubby was nothing but kind and sweet to me all night and I was sure to thank him for that. It meant a lot. FG