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Thanks so much Vera, P, and Charles. Charles, on day 1, I was going to commit to posting on a daily basis because I really want to be accountable. I, of course, did not because I have a hard time commiting to anything. I have had a hard time getting into groups and stopped trying. Something I can also work on. I stop posting because I am gambling, but also because I think I give it to much thought and worry about what I am saying. Also, I become compulsive about signing in to this site and reading posts.
At this point, I would have to say I am feeling after all this time here, that I haven’t been very successful. I am not trying to put myself down, it’s just the way I feel. I am starting to think too much again. So, for today, I will pledge to try to post something each day, even if it is a hello or one small thought about my recovery or just recovery in general.