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I was at a point before I went on here last month that I was off for 2 on for 1 and so on. I didnt have to be accountable to anyone. I’m not one to lie online or in person so it’s not in me to come back on and continually lie about my progress and I need the support of all of this group, as each one of us brings something new to the table for discussion. Each day I wake up I know from the minute I open my eyes if I was a success in the previous day and it spurs me on to do well again. Yesterday was bad and today will be better. That’s all I feel we can do is literally take it one day at a time .

I made it 11 days and now I must make it at least 22. Its my pledge to myself. Thanks for your post. It always encourages me to hear feedback from someone who has been there before. 

Btw: what is the hump? How long before it just became stop?