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Hi again Velvet. I hope you are keeping well? It’s been a long time. I know you were an immeasurable help to my wife back in the day and I know she’s been in touch with you recently too. I know the multi-operator self-exclusion isn’t a magic bullet and it in itself is just a well-sized barrier, but I have a genuine belief that it will be what I need to abstract myself sufficiently from gambling, that I can start to reformulate my life. The finances, the relationships, the interest in ‘doing things’, work, all of the things that suffer when the one and only thing on your mind is gambling!

In the 12 hours since I clicked that button, there have already be numerous thoughts of gambling, but then I remind myself of the big red stop sign. It’s met with just a shrug of the shoulders and an ‘oh well’, but I know only too well, that ease of dealing with it is based on the euphoria of having enacted my decision to try to quit (again) and as time passes the urges will mount. I have to face facts though having used the online and offline multi-exclusions (I have no idea how well the latter works – I have heard stories of it being next to pointless) I have truly battened down the hatches and the avenues in which to gamble are sealed off.

Now many times I have tried to be responsible with my gambling? But, as is no surprise to anyone, eventually an concept of responsible gambling will give way to chasing and higher and higher stakes until it’s all gone.

I’ve going to quit that path, for me and my family.

All the best,