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In spite of the distance and the fact we have never met it is still so special and kind that you keep me in your thoughts 🙂

Life with a CG is never dull. My son has hit many rock bottoms over the past few years with myself right along with him! I finally quit being his enabler (only took me 11 years!) and finally things started getting better only after they got incredibly bad.

He finally reached out for help and ended up in a treatment facility for addictions (not specifically gambling) for 5 weeks. The change in him is nothing short of a miracle. Looking back I feel badly that it took us so long to let him fall… maybe this wouldn’t have gone on so long BUT for whatever reason we just weren’t ready.

He continues to really work his program and I mine. I still have lots of work to do on myself … all of this has been a huge wake up call!

Best wishes to all… both sides of this horrible addiction!