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Thanks Vera and Kpat for your posts. I do live in a rural area. I haven’t used it much so I decided to sell it. Most of the proceeds will go in my savings. I am going to pay off one credit card, the one with the highest balance. This will free up money for me to pay more on the cards every month. I have a few repairs to make on my house, replace a cracked window, have the 2 trees in my front yard trimmed and have the gutters cleaned and one fixed or replaced (bent) Vera, Thanksgiving is towards the last part of November here. I am going to the city in 2 weeks to spend the weekend with my Grandson and he will be spending the 2nd weekend in November at my home. Kpat, I hope I find some good things tomorrow at the yard sells. I have bought 2 old quilts (1920’s), a antique couch, and old shelves at estate and yard sales since I moved here, 2 years ago. I like having plans!