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Thanks Vera for your insight and sharing your story with me. It helps so much. I also couldn’t get my Daughter to attend high school. She would get kicked out for absents and I would find another school and she would be kicked out. Eventually, I ran out of schools in our district. So, she was supposed to get a job, never happened. She left home at age 17 and is now almost 31. She has lived this way for 14 years. Heartbreaking! She can’t have children and she shouldn’t as long as she is living this lifestyle. She suffered a miscarriage 9 1/2 years ago and there were complications which led to her not being able to have children. She was using drugs at the time and the baby suffered also and couldn’t survive. It was a boy. He would be close to the age of my Grandson (oldest Daughter’s). Very hard to deal with. Earlier today my Daughter text me and said Hi, Hope your day is going well, Love you. I just replied Love you too. Usually this is where I say, How are you? Then the drama starts and she tells me of the drama, I feel bad and offer money. I am trying to change the way I approach her. She hasn’t text me back. She doesn’t blame me for her problems but has a way to make me feel guilty although I know that I am not to blame. I have to break this vicious circle between her and I! Sometimes it gets real depressing!!!