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Thanks Vera for your post. We were offered home health care before we left the hospital as my Mom’s insurance covers it. I decided no but the nurse and social worker told me that I could go through her Doctor or Cardiologist and get a order to get help if I needed it later. My Sister is staying till Friday. She is staying with my Mom and is really helping her. My Sister is seeing first hand how our Mom’s mental health has diminished. I talked to one of the nurses at the hospital about this and she said that it would be good to go through her primary doctor for advice. My Sister is onboard as she knows that it is only going to get worse and that we are going to have to make some difficult decisions later on. It feels good to have someone to share this load with. My Mom continues to get stronger and is doing very well in her recovery. I am making her follow up appointment soon. She will have limitations in lifting, no driving, etc. for the next 2 months. Only 10 days till vacation. I am ready!