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Thanks Vera for your post! When I say my yard, I am referring to my lot or acreage my home sits on. So, I have a front, back and side yards. There is upkeep such as trimming of trees and bushes, watering, and keeping the lot clean of weeds, ect.. My Mom and I both live where there is a Home Owners Association. We can get fined if we do not maintain our yards. My Mom is very independent and I know it is hard for her to rely on others. I have heard that it is very common to get depressed when there is a long recuperation time, for her and myself. Today we sat outside on her patio and she had her coffee and I had my tea. She seemed a little better, mentally after that. I am at my house doing a few things for my trip. I have either a cold or allergy issues. I am taking some over the counter medicine and plan to nap when my Mom is during the day. I am looking forward to my trip but I am a little tired. Hopefully, I can get some rest the next few days. Vera, gambling is aging. I think that it attributed to some of my health issues as I wasn’t taking care of myself. Gambling has so many negative factors!!