It’s good to have another view and to try to understand the urges to gamble and get money. It’s good to understand the relentlessness is part of the addiction.

Unfortunately, I am in another country to my cg and have been ill, so haven’t been well enough to travel there or have any money to go there. It takes a lot of organisation to get my cg here too, as there is no where for him to stay. Having said that I am trying to arrange a visit in a few weeks time, to surprise him for his birthday. But there are so many things that need to be put in place before that can happen. I feel the need to see him face to face as its nearly a year since I saw him and the last time he saw me, I was really really ill and undergoing heavy chemo. On top of everything else I know my illness has effected him and he has had little if any support from anyone regarding it. Life is complicated.
Thank you for giving me a different insight Vera x