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Thanks your post Nick,
Hang in there – it will be so worth it.

Today I have reached another milestone.
8 months gamble free.
I couldn’t start to explain how things have changed for me.

I don’t spend my time panic stricken about money – my latest losses, trying to cover-up, counting and counting in my head, obsessively planning cheap dinners, searching for loans , making sure I get bank statement- when I think about it at least 90% of my mental energy went into gambling and it’s consequences.

I now wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. I remind myself every day that I have enough. “ENOUGH” has become my mantra. Enough gives me a peaceful life.

My mind is on an even keel- no more extreme highs and lows.
My moods are on an even keel also.

It’s time I started to do the things I really want to do -my home improvements – perhaps today will be the day?