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That is all you need to do now. Concentrate on you for the first time. You have become someone else just like me but stop beating yourself up. It is counterproductive. Take time out for you and reflect on where you are and how you have got here.

I’m not better off than you. I still struggling and going through the same struggles, fears and consequences as you. But there is something in us that when we get just a little bit closer or through one day we feel stronger and share that with others to help them catch up too.

That will come naturally with you, too. You will do that automatically. We are all human and want to help each other up. I was down many a day and still go there when Vera picked me up and many others wrote on my journal and gave me the support I needed. Try watching this video. It’s not long. “Stop It” Skit by Bob Newhart.

You don’t have to feel you should return the favour. It will just come as you walk this journey. We only share common roads that we have walked to support you in getting there.

Even if you only get one word from a post that helps you to stop and change your though process, it is worth every minute of sharing and giving and loving you.