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Hey mate, you mention how you can get over the memories of previous big wins. You’re totally right, we all get them. As gamblers, we’ve all had those dream big wins. But where do we all end up? At rock bottom, most of the time.

You mentioned you turned 5k into 100k – yes that’s quite amazing. I’ve also turned 3k into 35k and 10k into 45k a few times on casino and online blackjack.

I’ve also lost it all. You ended up losing that 100k in a few hours. So my answer is EVEN if you do win, you’ll hand it all back in a matter of days, if not hours. That’s the catch. Yes we can all get lucky and win. But the problem is not that we can’t win, the problem is that we CAN’T STOP even after winning. We get greedy. We want more. 5k wasn’t enough for you and 100k wasn’t enough for you either. 500k would not be enough for you. Basically the addiction is not to win, but to keep playing. Gambling makes us irrational man, when you were up 100k, I bet you thought you could turn it into a higher amount (feelings of invincibility). When you lost down to 95k, to 90k, to 80k or 50k did you think to stop? Rationally you would, but in our mindless rage we don’t care. We just think about our highest point and want to get back there. We get greedy as hell. We are NOT in control of our decisions.

That’s what happens. If you keep playing, most likely you’ll just keep losing more. Even if you win, you’ll give it back. You CANNOT defeat this. No amount of luck (bar winning the lottery) will save you. I know it’s hard to give up but you must surrender – accept that you have a disease that cannot be controlled, that cannot be cured. It can only be tamed and held in check. The longer you keep it in check, the less effect it will have on your life. It’ll take time, it’ll be the hardest battle of your life. The first step is to let get of those losses. Good luck.