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Rules the world, Ican!
Don’t ever feel you chose or were given the lesser task by staying at home to raise your children. The mother is the heart and the father is the head of the family no matter how much the Feminist/GLBT/Other groups try to change the emphasis.
Sadly, in today’s society both parents are forced out to work to pay mortgages etc. Do young families really need two latest model cars, mansions to live in, three foreign holidays every year, gadgets for the kids and toys to keep up with their peers?
In my opinion, children who are reared in simple God fearing homes without creche/babyminding/daycare involvement turn out far more secure. Ok the “trendy” kids might have high notions /achieve well by the world’s standard but they often end up being enslaved to consumerism. The root or the increase in gambling maybe?
Never regret the privilege given to you to do the most responsible task in the world Ican, i. e raise a family. I don’t regret staying at home for years despite the fact that I did an imperfect job. All any of us can do is our best!