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The mention of “slipping away for the day with a fistful of cash” is an illusion Laura!
Think of slipping home at 3 in the morning with a fistful of cents, a splitting headache, a knot in the gut and the place spinning from overexposure to flashing lights and bells and casino smells!
The very thought at this very moment makes me feel ill.
The fact that I was “in action” recently, keeps the memory vivid enough to repel me from going again. Today!
Taking time off work as a release seems far more sensible.
I’ve been on sick leave for the last few weeks. The best thing I ever did! I can be objective now about the increased workload we’ve been landed with. The decrease in pay. The constant staff shortage. The long hours and in my case 80% of what I earn goes on debt repayment. This is no longer what I want to do! Its tantamount to slavery.
During this period of “detachment”, I have come to the conclusion that I’m passsed my sell by date, so I’ve decided to go for cost neutral early retirement.
The stress that this brings has taken it’s toll. It would be easier to slog on to the detriment of my health but I have made the decision now to let go!
How will I pay my debt?
How will I get on with hubby?
How will I fill my days?
I have no answers to these questions yet, but I do know I’m doing the right thing. I feel it in my bones.
So Laura, put your health first. Work is secondary to your well being.
Have a chat with your doctor and follow your heart.
One day at a time!