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The over the counter sinus medication seems to be helping though I’m not well by any stretch of the imagination. Today is Wednesday, and we fly out Friday morning. I’m hoping I feel considerably better by then, as I’m sure nobody wants to sit beside me hacking and coughing on an airplane. I’ve reconsidered my goal of losing any weight during December due to going on our trip and the holiday season. I am simply going to try and maintain the weight I lost instead. I want to be able to treat myself this month. Recovery is going good, with no urges to gamble. I had considered going into residential treatment just to give my recovery a boost, but have decided that I know what to do to stay gamble free and where the resources I need to do that, are. I just haven’t gone to any support groups since I moved to the city. It was interesting that I left a message for a gambling addiction counsellor at a treatment centre, and his voice mail said something to the effect that he wished the caller “good fortune.” It made me wonder if he understood gambling addiction. Maybe I’m just overanalyzing what he said. I’m feeling lonely today and I can’t figure out how the chat groups work. Carole