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Hello Steev,

The truth is that i am a very determined and disciplined person.I have a great body, i play football and i am well known at my town, i have even managed to drive a formula 1 car from nowhere ( what a dream for many), i study at university and i have built an image of a really determined and succesful person. That is my biggest fear my friend, because behind this image there is a compulsive gambler who has nearly 0 euro to his account because of this. I am writing this in tears really. So many lies in order to gamble and for your question if i tell the truth all these years of my hard work and these achievements will be instantly vanished. What a fear this is. This is a great step for you, no lies, no secrets what a great achievement, i realy admire you and i think that you are very close to keep away from this disease. I am starting now, i have really taken some important steps to deal with it by my own in order to keep my image, you know what i mean. Do you think i can make it now? What a dream for all of us to be again mentaly healthy. Have a great day thanks so much for your answer and nice to meet you!!!!