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The wheels of government grind along slowly paying no mind to those that don’t have family to step in and assist. It must seem absolutely endless.
Did you have a chance to check out the salvation army website? Some locations have a electricity top up? Wouldn’t hurt to check into? And a food basket can’t harm. If you don’t like the stuff give it to Pete or the dog!
If you were offered a job tomorrow would you be able to take it? If in the new year you were offered a job and you were in same place you are now would it help? Because sooner or later you will get a job. I look at it as it’s keeping up your physical strength and health that is important. That requires the basics. Tackling things like keeping lights on and food in your belly. Survival until your ship comes in. You are bright, intelligent, well educated, and available. Sooner or later someone will recognize that and the fact that with your age comes stability and wisdom. You just need to make sure you look it for the interview 🙂 I hope you don’t ever feel that I minimize the situation you are in. Sometimes when we are in the mega storm we don’t see that it too does have an edge and will eventually improve. Barring any further disasters. I am a realist even though an optimist. Enjoy your evening in any way you can. Laura