Hi Ell

It all sounds so exciting, everything is looking rosy and I like the others I congratulate you on your forthcoming project.

Ell, I have to ask and I’m truly sorry if you feel I’m putting a dampener on this. You wrote taking on a “Huge Huge Huge Project” you didn’t mention money but with most projects the rewards are going to be financial & the project being huge may carry unknown stresses.

It sounds like your CG is doing great as are you, but is this the first real chance for him to prove he has the ability to see this through, is this the first test of potential stress he may have seen for a while … is this the first project that may make a financial difference to you both

Ell i must reiterate I’m by no means trying to bring you down, I’m just being practical. A gambler in recovery will be learning new coping skills every day, but some skills we only learn when something new happens and in your words when something “Huge” comes along

It sounds very much like your husband is the key to this project, is that going to increase his stress levels, are their financial rewards that may be too much for him to handle this quick after leaving rehab,… have you talked about how this project may affect him and how his addiction is still there; all be it suppressed. Have you looked at ways of securing the situation financially and ways of him relieving his stress in a positive manner.

Ell I’m so pleased for you both, but if I didn’t voice my concerns, then I’d be doing you an injustice

Take Care