Dear Monique and Madge,

I appreciate that you read my lengthy post. Posts like these (I’ve written so many!) are very definitely therapeutic for me – as is posting elsewhere on this site. Velvet told me once that she was always amazed at the insight that can be gained not only in writing for yourself, but in joining the groups and writing on someone else’s thread – and she’s so right!

I’ve looked inside myself more since writing on this site than I think I ever have in my life. It’s not always comfortable: Many times I’ve thought of leaving it on my laptop – and did a few times in the beginning. But I’ve come to feel safe here at GT – baring what I can get to, and knowing there is no judgment from readers because they truly understand the roller coaster ride.

I believe when I write openly and honestly as I am processing meaningful thoughts that something I say will resonate with someone and maybe help them in some way. I know this because I’m a reader here too, and I have benefitted tremendously not only from the thoughtful replies on my thread, but from the shared stories and experiences of this special community.

As for the therapist … I was rather angry myself, Monique, when I left her office that last time. So many of you on here have helped me to understand the attributes I want and expect in a counselor, and the things I probably shouldn’t and can’t expect. I am very grateful for all of your thoughts, encouragement and wisdom on this thing I knew so little about.

There is good news in our “Adventures in Therapy” saga: Around 11 this morning, as I was getting ready to look at the resources yall had mentioned (to find another therapist), I got a call from a counselor I’d spoken to last week. She was going to be out several days that week and could not fit us in, but she referred me to another counselor (who didn’t return my call). She was calling today to follow up and to let me know she had a noon cancellation … so off we went to see the new therapist!

I’ll write more on this later – I need to get dinner started.

Thanks so much,