Thanks Monique. I will find out soon how the system for therapy works here. I have health insurance here so maybe that can pay for it, i’m not sure. It’s all new territory here for me. I’ve had NSH counselling and also private, so I am well aware of what to expect. I’ve also had online counselling through skype – which was the best and if I ever have enough money to do it again I will! However, this was when I was married and needed it and he paid for it with much reluctance.

I’ve seen the brilliant MacMillan Cancer Support offer therapy too, so maybe my equivalent here might be able to offer me something too. I have lots of options to find out about, but I will, don’t you worry.

I’ve been speaking via the internet with my son this afternoon. Treading very carefully and trying not to get hooked in. I’ve agreed to send him online kebab, so he can’t gamble with that, unless he sells it. He tells me right now he doesn’t want to know. I think the beating he has had has shook him up but I am not naive to think this will last long. I can only hope. Signing off for tonight. Take care everyone xx