Hi Thawley. I hope that you don’t mind me posting on your thread. I am a CG who has been through the GMA project. I also read your post in the topic forum and although I’d love to be able to put your mind at ease, I’m afraid I probably wont do that.

I left GMA in sept 2010 and I have returned to gambling several times. I havn’t gambled for quite a while now, and don’t expect to. I know that both GM projects have outreach workers that will help with ex-residents that are experiencing difficulties.

I don’t gamble now and I don’t want to. If I hadn’t of attended the GMA I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be in this position. GMA isn’t a miracle cure, and although some people leave and never gamble again, there are others like myself who sadly go back to old ways. However what I learned at GMA will stay with me forever and if it wasn’t for what I learned there I’m sure I would still be the deceitful thieving jailbird I once was.

I understand only too well how this addiction wrecks families and can’t reiterate too much what the other F+F members have said to you. Your son will have to make his own choices, you can’t make them for him. Please look after yourself first and foremost.

Whether your son is still gambling or not, please believe that addicts whether CGs or other sorts of addicts can and do turn their lives around and learn to live without the addiction. I dont believe any sort of addict can ever be completely re-covered however I think that F+F of an addict can recover from the misery that their loved ones’ addiction brings.