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When we first come into recovery we often hit our own rock bottom whatever that may be. For me it was my home being repossessed and a committal to prison notice for non payment of uk council tax. Neither of these things happened but they were under threat for some time. I was honest with both about why this had happened. And why I had gotten into the huge financial mess. The debts were not written off and I am still paying them. I was also doing this while quite ill at the time caused through the stresses of gambling. Unfortunately I had to face the consequences and I could not delay these. It was painful, the worst case scenario I was threatened with didn’t happen and I now am ahead with my rent and have a payment plan for the council tax. Lesson learned.
It is difficult facing these issues but face them we must. Are you sure your bank account will be frozen? In the U.K. that only happens when you file for bankruptcy.