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Dark Energy

in the last few years, I had an idea in my mind, my issue is I have no control once I start trading and I see in trading the forex market a way to win money, so the Idea is this to have a 3rd person to control my account and so he will limit my access to the trading account, in this way I can guarantee that I will follow the money management rules “because the 3rd person is controlling this part”. plus I will not be 24/5 in front of my laptop so the stress emotional part will be controlled.
in theory, this looks good, but I had this idea for 4 years or more why I didn’t try it?

this idea was the only thing that makes trading forex as an option in spite of all the consequences.
now I realized that this idea caused many relapses, It gives me false hope in a rational way that I can win in this game.

this is maybe one of the missing pieces from my recovery process.