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I was thinking things through last night and i realised that i have only gambled on 2 occasions in the last 37 days , september 25th and october 17th . It was the amount i gambled that crippled me financially on both occasions. Also on both occasions i turned to alcohol to blot the hopeless situation i had got myself into yet again. Now it is 15 days since i last gambled and 8 days since i last had any alcohol. On the 26th of september i managed to keep £160 until my next pay day and on october 17th i have managed to keep £140 until my next pay day. My payday is the 15th of every month. I am keeping myself as busy as i can doing things i like, exercising, housework, watching tv, reading, and most importantly using all the resources i can think of to help myself stop gambling. I.E. Posting on here, reading as much as i can about compulsive gambling and how to overcome it, i have self referred to the C.N.W.L. in london and i’m finding all this so much easier , well no 110% easier if i don’t have alcohol or gamble. I have said in a previous post that once i stop gambling and abusing alcohol everything in life is so much better , simple things like getting up in the morning and having a cup of tea , checking the news , picking up my son from school, making his tea, feeding the cats , feeding the hamster, and the list goes on and on . I’m feeling good today . 🙂