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This all sounds overwhelming, Gov but if you break it down it might help.
First you lost £ 400 last night.
Ask yourself how you got access to the card and how did you manage to gamble? (thought hubby was holding cards and looking after finances?)
Secondly, no matter how badly you feel you need to “replace” that four hundred, for God’s sake DO NOT try to get it by gambling or you’ll add another zero to your 400 and to your woes!
Next step and the most important one is your Health. Are you in the UK? Do you not have free health care on the NHS? Ca you discuss this with your GP and ask him for sick certs to give to work so that you will get your due benefits. I have been getting Illness Benefit since 2013 when I had to take early retirement on ill health grounds. It’s a two year scheme.
Did you tell your hubby about last night and about all your worries? You really need to have a chat with someone. We all need hurdle help at different times in our lives.
Well done on posting here
Credit Cards are a curse for CGs because we just CANNOT handle them. I was in dispute with a CC Company for a few months I still owe them money They refused the “Settlement” I offered Now they have stopped my card. GOOD!!!
Is there any way yo can offer them a “Full and Final Settlement”? I did that 5 years ago with a different CC. Owed them over 8k They accepted 5500. That was the ending of my dealings with them
A relief
Just take it easy today Gov. Losing money causes us to be in shock Don’t make any rash decisions until your mind is clear.