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Kpat, I believe this message was just for me. I know I have to tithe again but just couldn’t because I ended up with not even having enough money for my bills due to my bad choices.
I always tithed regularly all my life and had my money taken out of my pay and paid over so that the church benefited from the tax relief but I stopped that when I moved away and wasn’t attending the same church any longer.

But deep down I always felt and believed I was also struggling ( I can hear my mother’s voice) because I was not tithing anymore. I throw some loose coins I have in the offering. I use to convince myself that God doesn’t need my money and won’t love me any less and I am under grace not law and He understood my situation and knows I will give ‘when I come right’. I wrong I am.

I have had many messages and words in season come to me during these times but I just could not let go of the last I had which couldn’t even see me through the month. It was always my efforts to get through and not being able to let go and trust God.

But one day in church at the end of March this year after I had gambled both my salary and one month’s bonus (I was so blessed with a good bonus) and was totally devastated and depressed, I was moved when it came to the offering and I said God, you know I only have this £20 in my purse. It is all I have. I didn’t have any small change to throw into the offering. But I said God I’m trusting you and giving back what you gave me. Tomorrow I know that you will take care of me ‘cos I am more valuable than the birds who don’t sow or reap or gather into barns, yet our heavenly Father feeds them.

I put my faith in God and took out the £20 note and put it in the offering and trusted Him to see me through but I didn’t know how in my practical and logical mind this would happen.

I went to work the next day and finished early arriving home and saying Lord, you know I don’t have any more money to get to work tomorrow but it’s all in your hands and I’m just trusting you. I thought in trying to analyse how I am going to get through this that perhaps maybe I’ll be given something that I could do working from home that I didn’t have to travel in to the Client site ‘cos I didn’t know any other way out.

I arrived home and picked up the only letter behind the door. It was from the bank. I was not ready to open this as I knew it had to be about outstanding payments, late fees whatever. So I just threw it one side and went to change. I made something to eat and watched TV. Every time I went into the kitchen, the letter was looking at me but there was no way I was going to open it.

Don’t know how, why or when but after ages, I did open that letter. It was a letter from the bank and it stated that they had wrongly overcharged me interest on my closed loan from 2008 when they shouldn’t have and enclosed a cheque for £1,619.25 ! It was 15 minutes before bank closing time and gave me just enough time to get down and into the bank just as it was closing the door to deposit the cheque into my account.

So it is so true, God DOES honour us when we honour Him with our tithes. Funny, I forgot about that till now. Because I did use the money to pay my company card but went right back in and gambled most away and put myself straight back to square one with some to spare !

You have opened my ears and eyes to hear and listen what I know I should do. Thank you so much of sharing this on here.

You are an Angel sent to throw true light on this for me.

I am thrilled to hear how you continue to honour God in your tithes. And 10% of your gross is a huge chunk. I have never given that in my life yet. You are being blessed so much and are not short in your outgoings. Amazing ! Faithful God !

Bless you…….