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This morning while having my hot tea and reflecting, I’ve realized that I’m my own worse enemy. I’ve put restrictions on my growth and being apprehensive I’ve stopped myself from fulfilling a lot of my dreams. Failing was taught to me as a sign of weakness. But in reality we all have to fail sometimes to succeed. So, I’m taking back my power and embracing what life holds in front of me. I’m making plans. Step one: to get out of debt (24 months). Step 2: rent a RV for 1 month and travel. Step 3: Either purchase a RV or travel some other way. Step 4: While working on all of my steps, I’m going to experience small, affordable hiking day trips or car trips enjoying places near me! I’m excited!!! Yesterday I made a good find. While helping my Mother clean out her storage shed, I came across a box of movies (cds, some never opened. Now I have 20 adventure, action movies. Next month I will have internet again. It’s been a little easier than I thought not having cable or internet. There are a lot of things we can eliminate if we have to. Today I’m watching my Granddaughter while my Daughter works. Joy!!!