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I thought about gambling while at work. Instead I hit the grocery store and bought snacks for movie watching. I’m banned ftom the casino right down the street so it would havw been a drive and we are expecting snow tonight. I will have to plan and make the trip and ban myself. I’ve never been good with money or credit cards. This isn’t my first DMP. I always manage to screw up my credit score and have to start over again. Not this time! I have money but it’s tied up in real estate and I’m not jeopardizing it with loans, ect…. I’d rather work my job and do the house/pet sitting gig. I think I appreciate the value of money more when I have to work hard for it. I’ve also decided that I’m not giving money to either Daughter anymore unless it’s a real emergency as I’m not really helping them.  They are both capable of earning their way.