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Yesterday was a hard and draining day! My Mom babysat for 2 hours so I could do some grocery shopping, ect…. I’d packed food for my Granddaughter. She feed her nothing but sweets, cake, ice cream and pudding. She had a new outfit on and it was covered in chocolate. I don’t understand. Nevertheless, I was unhappy. My Granddaughter was jacked up on a sugar rush all afternoon. Then my Mom started on how my Sister has a boyfriend and I don’t. I don’t want one and I’m not looking. My Sister is not happy with her situation but my Mom can’t see it. This is why I’m hesitate to go around her. She is ridiculous!!
It never stops with her. She’s one of my biggest triggers. I love her because she’s my parent and I feel obligated to make sure that she is alright but as a person, she’s not nice. It gets old!!