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Lost internet access from 9 last night to just now so couldn’t post yesterday. Again, the day went very fast and I was working as hard as I would be if I was at work. The day goes by so quickly.
I signed on for a Qi gong on line freebie class after Easter, got stuck in my knitting, even though it is a baby simple pattern, cooked cod with chorizo crumb for tea.
Had the online gma group which after some initial technology issues we were able to converse. It is helpful. It was great to clap for the nhs, care workers, shop and delivery workers. I find this very moving.
Today, I open my email to find a second doctor in the hospital, who came back after retirement to help has died. This is very sad and I find my emotions are quite close to the surface. I don’t know either of them but nevertheless I find their sacrifice overwhelming and pray that this pandemic hits its peak and inevitable decline soon.