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Ty idi and Vera. Both your posts on knitting debacles made me laugh. I will persist, the company sent me a video today as to how to do it so the fragile angora wool doesn’t keep breaking.

Having read liz thread today I can relate, I am starting to sink into a depression and spent another amount of money playing computer games last night. It mounts up a bit. I was upset as my son went round to a friends house Last night to build his company website, again paying scant regard to social distancing. I understand the pressure as he isn’t working but it upsets me that he just disregards our welfare. He stayed at his friends overnight. My other son was building his website but won’t speak to him after inviting him round when I was just getting over a covid or not type flu. This is the third time he has done this since lockdown.
Today we have an almighty row and he crossed the line with me. The bile from his childhood came out and he said That I stole his childhood. It is hard for me to accept that He is so selfish and disrespectful.
It made me weep and I was already feeling tired and a little depressed today. He hates Pete, and he said just go with Pete, give him the space in my house, stuff your food etc. All I have done is tried to help my son, he still lives here rent free and I only ask him to contribute and share the electricity bill. I have had some difficulty with him taking over in my home to the extent that I feel pushed out and he has so many issues with my untidiness. I have no issues with my untidiness and neither does Pete. I try. He really had crossed a line and it reminded me of abusive relationships which I won’t tolerate and will not have in my life. I have asked him to leave as soon as he is able to. This is not something you can just say sorry and make up, a line has been crossed. It is becoming something that is detrimental to my wellbeing and what else can I do? It upset me a lot. There is nothing I can do about it except protect myself from this type of emotional pain.