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Sometimes it’s good to spend time alone Lizbeth. I guess we are all alone in this life. Being surrounded by lots of people doesn’t always fill the void. I think a lot of CG used the casino to surround ourselves with a crowd. Yet every CG was alone. A casino is a very lonely place to be. Almost as lonely as the awful journey home. I don’t know if I’m making sense. I like my own company but would not look forward to having nobody to call on me in my old age.
Your mom is lucky to have so many people in her life. Maybe she doesn’t know quite how lucky she is. Did she start her cardiac rehab yet?
That’s an awful memory about your cousin.Is there any way you can confront him with a third party present and get him to apologize for what he did to you? It would help to put the past behind you. Your mother probably denies it as a way of coping. Or maybe she genuinely does forget. Try not to dwell on it Lizbeth. Remember the good times!