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Dear diary

I can be honest about it when I face my God, my family, or anyone.
I want to stop my self destructive ways and lifestyle for good but I could not achieve perfection.
Today I am grateful that it is taking me longer to slip and relapse. And when that happen, I will still feel very sorry, I will still regret and beat myself up, I am after all human but I have learn that I cannot stay down for too long. I tell myself, stop it immediately and don’t do it again. Now get up! I need to continue my recovery. Some unforgiving people call me hopeless, stubborn and stupid, some forgiving one call this resilience but to me, it is all about survival.
It is a big improvement and I am grateful. Thank you God.

Life is improving, relationship with people is improving. life is good. It can only get better.

I wish to age gracefully in recovery.